I’m Lovin’ It: June Edition

Welcome to another edition of I’m Lovin’ It, a new-ish monthly-ish series here on Gsus Luvs U.  It’s like a monthly favorites or monthly obsessions post–you know, like those lifestyle bloggers do.  This is my version. “I’m Lovin’ It: June Edition.” Current band obsession: You remember how I've been obsessed with Twenty-One Pilots for MONTHS?…Read more I’m Lovin’ It: June Edition

How Often Should You Blog?

In my first post, I stated that I would try to blog "once a week or so."  At times, I've gone almost four weeks without blogging.  At other times, I've written every few days.  Inspiration comes and goes, unplanned, uncontrolled. Unfortunately. My point is, I'm not very qualified to write a post telling YOU how…Read more How Often Should You Blog?