A Refreshed Blog?! What Happens Next?

If you’re an old follower of mine, you remember the old days of aimless, rambling posts with no cohesiveness whatsoever.  I wrote about anything and everything.  It was random and haphazard, just like my life.  But this blog was a way of testing the waters and getting a feel for my writing.  I was happy with it.  It was fun and it gave me a creative outlet.

When I started high school, I suddenly found myself with zero time to blog.  I didn’t have time to read recreationally, which meant that my desire to write was dropping.  My creative juices slowed to a drip.  As you can see, I posted maybe once or twice a month in 2017, and only once so far in 2018.

I’m almost through my sophomore year now and a few days ago I remembered this blog.  I decided it was time for a glow-up.  So I redesigned the theme with a clean black-and-white photo-based design.  I redesigned my posts’ focus, which will be photography-centered.  I deleted all the old posts that I didn’t like and saved the ones that went with my new theme.

So here we are!  A few months into 2018 with a fresh start.  I’m hoping to gain a larger (active) following and create a community around my words and pictures.

Also!  Quick question!  I really want to buy a “real” DSLR camera (I’m currently using my iPhone), but I know very little about good cameras for beginners.  I’m also on a very tight budget.

What camera would you recommend for a broke high schooler looking to take more professional shots?beach fence building


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