Tabitha’s Photography Hall of Fame (my favorite pictures that I’ve taken)

These pictures have been taken at different places, at different times, and with various phones/cameras, but they’re all in the Tabitha Photography Hall of Fame.  I’ll go in no particular order, but I will save my absolute favorite for last.

These blueberries grow in my neighbor’s yard.  I normally don’t like blueberries, but these are delicious.
beach fence building
This was taken at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, my favorite beach.  I love the blue and tan hues.
Also taken at the Outer Banks.  These two fishermen were shooting the breeze on a secluded corner of the beach.


This is my little sister touching the flag on our front porch.  This shot was completely candid.  The color effect makes it pop.


Again, the Outer Banks are full of photo ops.  The last time we went, I had a sprained ankle, so instead of running around and swimming, I took pictures.
pink tree water
This is at George Washington’s Birthplace.  I love the pearly pink sheen over this picture.  It looks like dawn, but don’t be fooled.  I took the pic at about 2 in the afternoon.  🙂
red berry clusters
Wild raspberries grow around our yard.  They’re my favorite berry of all time.  I tried to capture their tartness and brightness in this picture.
This is my neighbor’s cat, Sketchers.  He’s a big fluffball of sweetness.
sky grass
The Outer Banks.  It looks like a calendar.
yellow tree
Taken at George Washington’s birthplace.  This tree was the first to turn.  I adjusted the saturation a bit, but otherwise, this pic is completely untouched.
cactus sunset phoenix lights
On top of South Mountain overlooking the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  Words (and pictures) cannot accurately express how beautiful it was.
dad sunset mountain
Again, completely candid and untouched.  Every once in a while my camera surprises me with a great picture.  This is also on South Mountain.
And now, my favorite picture I’ve ever taken.  Like the candid above, it was unplanned.  I snapped a quick picture on top of South Mountain and boy, was I surprised how it came out.

Which picture was your favorite?  Tell me your thoughts below!



  1. I really liked all the pictures. My favorite was the flag and Abigail (so Norman Rockwell). You did a great job on all of them. My next favorite was of Sketchers. I love that cat.

    Liked by 1 person

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