The Sweater Sisters: A Disney Channel Sitcom / 5 Reasons Giant Sweaters are Awesome

I do realize that it’s July, but winter is approaching. Β πŸ˜€

  1. The sleeves cover your hands and it’s like built-in mittens AHHH
  2. They’re so cute!
  3. They’re so comfortable!
  4. They go well with jeans
  5. They’re soft and shapeless and bendy and CYOOT

I know you probably don’t care, and this is very obviously a filler post and I obviously have writer’s block today. Β But it was somewhat inspired by real life. Β I went shopping today and bought an oversized sweater. Β As I tried it on, I was transported to soft cozy December snow hot chocolate land.

Last year at my drama group Christmas party, my friend Camille and I both wore oversized sweaters. Β We called ourselves the Sweater Sisters before we realized it sounded like a Disney channel sitcom.


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