5 Reasons You Should Go on a Summer Mission Trip

(This article is an excellent read, by the way)

Yes, I had (have) a goal of posting a little something every day.  No, I did not post anything last week.  I was on a week-long mission trip with no wifi and no time.  I had an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to go back next year.  Now, it’s back to daily blogging.  ARE YOU EXCITED?

This was my third summer mission trip.  In seventh and eighth grade, my youth group went on a trip called World Changers, which is only five days.  It’s a construction-based project with a sleepless schedule and grueling, sweaty, rewarding work.  This year, my friend Ashley and I decided we wanted to try something different.

Every January my youth group goes to YEC (youth evangelism conference).  Every January someone got up and talked about SHRMP (South Hampton Roads Mission Project), a mission trip which runs VBS for kids in government housing, dangerous neighborhoods, etc.  Ashley and I wanted to try SHRMP.

We arrived without a clue what to expect, and we left crying because we didn’t want to leave the kids.

So, here are five reasons you and/or your youth group should go on a summer mission trip.

  1. It’s always on a mission trip that I grow the most spiritually.  In church, you can sit and listen to motivational sermons for years, but if you don’t go out and get your hands dirty and love on some strangers, you’re doing nothing.  There comes a point where you can’t be poured into any more–it’s time to pour out and minister to people.
  2. Stop saying you’re too old or too young.  Older folks, there are opportunities for you to go on mission trips.  From cooking for hungry workers to prayer walking, not all mission work is backbreaking construction or chasing after preschoolers.  Bible stories have to be told, neighborhoods have to be prayed over, neighbors have to be engaged in conversation.  SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.  Teenagers, we have even less of an excuse.  We’re young and passionate.  We’re the generation that’s going to change the world.  There’s honestly nothing we can’t do (except operate heavy machinery).
  3. Your world is changed.  I will never forget the kids I prayed with, danced with, and played monkey-in-the-middle with.  Even though I went with the intention of changing their world, they changed mine.
  4. Their world is changed.  It’s true.  Meeting people who are willing to pray with them, answer their questions, and talk with them changes these folks’ lives.  And it could change their eternity.
  5. God might be calling you to mission work.  When you go on one of these trips, you see the grit, sweat and tears that goes on when God is moving.  It could be good experience in sharing the gospel with intention and boldness, and good experience relying on God completely.

Have you ever been on a mission trip, either with your youth group or otherwise?  Would you like to?


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