Ok, I may have missed a post or two over the weekend, but I’m back to posting every day.


Today’s topic: Tabitha needs a phone but she is too poor to afford one.  Her iPod, which she has been using as a phone, is almost four years old.  It crashes and has seizures at every given opportunity.  (Before you say anything, I HAVE already tried turning it off and turning it back on again.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.)

Tabitha has done her research.  She has decided that the iPhone SE would give her the best value for her buck.  Her friend has one, and her friend says it works great.  Tabitha is an Apple person.  She has a MacBook Air, which she is using to text until her iPod works again.

When Tabitha’s dad saw the price of an iPhone SE, which is a cheap model, he died.  When he came to, he began thinking about it logically and decided it would make a good Christmas or 16th birthday present.  So Tabitha must stay strong until then.

What phone do you have?  How did you manage to pay for it?


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