The scary path to adulthood

A week ago, I applied to begin online drivers ed. (Homeschoolers in Virginia take it online instead of in a class.) Something went wrong with the application, and we were denied. We re applied and, after waiting days to hear back, I was finally accepted and authorized to begin the course last night. 

So far it’s easy; I don’t think I’ll have any trouble with it. After I complete it, I’ll get my learner’s permit. Then, I just have to log a certain number of hours driving and pass a couple of tests to get my drivers license. (Whoop whoop)

This morning when I woke up, I had a terrible pain in my right upper jaw. It was a determined wisdom tooth, breaking through my gum line like Wonder Woman storming no man’s land in the new movie. (It’s so good, by the way!)

I spent 3.5 hours volunteering at my local library this morning, ignoring the tooth. Then I made the mistake of eating popcorn, which brought all the pain rushing back. 

Ah well. I’m getting the sucker pulled out in August (along with 3 of his brothers). 

What recent milestones have you passed or are working towards? Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled? How bad was it?


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