It’s Sunday night, that wonderful time of the week when you sit in a puddle of anxiety over the upcoming seven days.  Since it’s summer, that stress is slightly alleviated.  And since I have a fun schedule this week, I’m actually excited.


Tomorrow (Monday), I’m meeting with my spiritual mentor, friend and kewl person.  We’re going to hang out at a national park and talk and possibly eat cookies.

Tuesday, I’m volunteering for the Summer Cinema program at my local library.  We’re showing Finding Dory.  I’m usually in charge of making the popcorn.  It’s a delicious and rewarding job.  I get paid in popcorn.

Wednesday, I’m going to youth group as usual, but this week a friend who I haven’t seen in forever is coming.  It’ll be fun to catch up face to face.

Thursday, my drama group is getting together for a couple hours to play some theater games and have a goofy time.  I MISS THEM ALL SO MUCH AND I AM LITERALLY SO EXCITED

Friday, I may be leaving for the weekend to go glamping with my grandparents and my little cutie-poo sister.  Or I may not.  If not, I’ll be hanging out and making slime with my oldest friend.

Saturday, I have nothing planned.  If I’m not glamping, I’ll be sleeping in and relaxing.

Do you have any fun plans this week?  Let’s compare!


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