Ten Reasons We Don’t Deserve the Goodness that is Sweet Frog

  1. It’s a Christian-owned and operated company.
  2. FROG stands for Fully Rely On God, which is really funny.
  3. It looks fun inside.
  4. You can get however much ice cream/topping you want.  It’s self-serve!  So if I just wanted to get a bunch of broken-up Snickers and no ice cream, there’s nothing stopping me.
  5. It’s frozen yogurt, which is the same thing as ice cream, only it sounds more healthy.
  6. The juice poppers are really good.
  7. The workers are friendly.
  8. I have sensitive teeth and I don’t really like ice cream, so I can just get a little ice cream and lots of hot fudge sauce.  (See reason #4.)
  9. There are so many toppingsssssssssssssss
  10. The frog mascots are so cute!


Why do you like Sweet Frog?  What other ice cream joints do you haunt?


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