My mom has been sick since Monday (today is Saturday), and since I’m the next best cook, it’s fallen upon me to feed my dad and younger sister.

NOW, don’t get me wrong.  My dad is a huge help.  He grills some kind of chicken or something every night.  He takes care of the meat, so all I have to do is whip up some kind of potato or noodle or biscuit or vegetable.

There is such an enormous sense of pride that comes with feeding my family.  I guess it’s a female thing.  It sounds silly, but hear me out.  Guys always talk about the “pump” they feel after lifting weights.  When I see someone enjoying something I made, especially if it’s my little sister (I think I’m subconsciously very protective of her), I swell up with the most satisfying sense of pride.  I did this.  Now my family won’t starve.

I guess that’s what kept families out of starvation for hundreds of years.  A woman must have this natural instinct inside to protect and feed her family.  Nowadays, the feeling can be conjured by scrambling an egg for one’s little sister’s lunch.  🙂


My little cutie-poo sister makes muffins

Ladies, do you get that proud feeling too or is it just me?


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