Yesterday a friend asked me if I wanted to come roller skating with her and her family.  I was glad to, even though I can’t roller skate.  (The last time I went, I was about 7 and I sprained my ankle.)

I bravely strapped two forty-pound four-wheeled blocks of leather and wood onto my feet and stood up.  My friend (bless her soul) led me around while I flailed and died.  Little kids zipped past me.  Old ladies zipped past me.  I fell.  I got back up.  I kept going.  I ate a 3 musketeers and tried again.  I fell again.  I took a break.

I tried, guys.  I actually kind of enjoyed myself, but I’m glad to be back on solid ground.  I think if God wanted us to roll around, He would’ve put wheels on our feet.

Having said that, Lauren, if you’re reading this, thank you for inviting me and being patient with me!  It was a fun experience, and I’m glad I went.


Have you ever gone roller skating?


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