Day One of my POST-SOMETHING-EVERY-DAY-FOR-A-MONTH CHALLENGE has begun!  Here goes nothing!


Last month, I got the chance to travel to Phoenix, Arizona for the Southern Baptist Convention.  It was my first time flying.  I got a window seat!!

Anyway.  I’m going to tell you about some of the people I saw at the airport.

At BWI (the airport in Baltimore, MD from which we departed), we were waiting in line at security when we saw an Asian man get pulled from the line.  The metal detector had detected something metal in his pocket.  He looked terrified.  I don’t think he spoke fluent English.  His extended family, with about four small children, his wife, and an elderly couple, waited, while four or five giant security guards patted him down.  I felt sorry for him.  He must have thought he was getting arrested.  I’d like to know what they found on him, and what happened to him.

Random thought: One of the most grown-up and professional feelings in the world comes from walking through an airport with a shoulder bag and talking on a cell phone.


I took this picture at BWI at about 5 AM once we’d gotten settled in the airport.


This is my view from the plane window on the way to Phoenix.

The most memorable thing I saw at the airport was at about 1:00 AM at BWI.  We had just landed and gone to Dunkin Donuts (not a sponsor).  The airport was quiet and nearly abandoned.  And we looked over and saw four or five men in military uniforms, walking abreast with their arms around each other.

Dad said something like, “You know they’re either going off to war, or coming home from war.”

It was 1 AM and everything had a feeling of augmented reality, but I still remember that as clear as day.  (and on that note, happy late fourth of July!)

Have you ever seen some interesting characters at an airport?  Let me know in the comments!


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