What I’ve Been Up To / My Plans to Post More Often (lol)

Binge-watching The Great British Baking Show, that’s what!  I’m on season 4 episode 4.  I have a strong desire to bake a five-tiered cake with live fireworks and a miniature working farm on top.


I’m not dead, by the way.  I have no plans to discontinue blogging.  If I’m honest, I’ve just been lazy.  Summer break and all that.  Also, June was super busy with traveling.  But in July, I plan to get back on track.  I’m going to start driver’s ed (plz pray) and try to exercise more regularly.  I may even start getting up before noon.  I also have a new “summer resolution” to add to these:

You know the WordPress app?  It lets you post…posts from your phone.  I’m going to use that to post a little something every day.

Every day.

Oh my.  What am I getting myself into?

Here’s the deal.  It won’t be any long, full-length posts.  I’m just going to post a quick snippet of thought or a short anecdote.  Like Twitter, but cooler.  I’m going to post every day in the month of July.  Maybe it’ll be like a journal.  We’ll see.

In other news, follow me on Twitter (@gsusluvsu_) and Instagram (@gsus_luvs_u) because I do tend to post stuff on there pretty regularly.




Would you be willing to join me in this challenge?  Let me know in the comments!


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