I’m Lovin’ It: June Edition

Welcome to another edition of I’m Lovin’ It, a new-ish monthly-ish series here on Gsus Luvs U.  It’s like a monthly favorites or monthly obsessions post–you know, like those lifestyle bloggers do.  This is my version.

“I’m Lovin’ It: June Edition.”

Current band obsession: You remember how I’ve been obsessed with Twenty-One Pilots for MONTHS?  I’m never truly going to get over them, but I finally have a new band obsession: Judah and the Lion.  Twenty-One Pilots announced the other day that they’ll be touring together, and I really can’t believe I haven’t heard of them before.  But of course, you follow me on Instagram (@gsus_luvs_u) so you already knew that.

Last Movie I Saw: I just spent last Tuesday volunteering at my local library.  I’m helping to run the summer cinema program.  They showed Moana, which I saw a couple months ago.  It was refreshing to hear the soundtrack again.  I only caught glimpses of the movie as I was working in the back, but I liked what I saw.  🙂

Last Book I Read: I’m currently reading two books at once, which is an awkward situation I try to avoid.  I’m working on Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman and The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.  I’m relating to Anne in so many ways and I already know what happens to her but I DON’T WANT THIS BOOK TO END.  I decided to read Not a Fan after I got a free sample on my Nook.  It’s been pretty good so far.

Last Text I Sent: “I thought she did well” to a friend.  One of the teens was leading the discussion at youth group last night.  So she was asking how it went.

I’m Excited About: I’m finishing school tomorrow and leaving for Maryland on Saturday, then flying to Arizona on Sunday.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I’m Not Excited About: I have to lead music at Vacation Bible School this year.  Yippee.  -_-

Fashion/Beauty Stuff: Two of my girlfriends, who are very into makeup, say that I will never need foundation because I have a (quote) “flawless complexion.”  Mmhmm.  They did tell me to wear lip gloss because I have (quote) “pale lips.”

YouTube Stuff: I have 14 subscribers now!  My latest video, Answering YOUR Relationship Questions!, is up now, and I’m working on another one.  Hint: it’s about my ballet teacher, a car accident, and a wedgie.  (Channel name: gsus luvs u)


That’s it for this month!  Comment and tell me your thoughts on literally anything.

Don’t forget to follow me on YouTube (gsus luvs u) and Twitter (@gsusluvsu_) and Instagram @gsus_luvs_u



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