In my first post, I stated that I would try to blog “once a week or so.”  At times, I’ve gone almost four weeks without blogging.  At other times, I’ve written every few days.  Inspiration comes and goes, unplanned, uncontrolled.


My point is, I’m not very qualified to write a post telling YOU how often you should blog.  But maybe in writing about this topic, I’ll follow my own advice and develop a regular blog schedule.  (HA HA HA NO)

how often blog

Here are a few things I think you should consider when trying to decide how often to post.

1. What is my blog about?

Is it a personal journal of a trip or event?  Once every few days (or once a day) would be great because you should have plenty of material to talk about.  A collection of random thoughts, reviews, and/or photos (like this blog) could be published less frequently.

2. How much material do I have to talk about?

Basically, HOW INTERESTING IS MY LIFE?  Do you frequently have deep thoughts, funny stories, or cool pictures you want to share?  If so, blogging more frequently would be best for you.

3. How long are my posts?

If you’re consistently writing full-length essays for your blog, tone it down!  There’s no need to publish one of those every day.  Your followers may get bogged down in all the stuff they have to read and un-follow.  Short snippets, photographs or funny anecdotes can be published more often, since they don’t take long to read.

I’ve been blogging for years and I still don’t have a regular schedule established, so don’t feel guilty if you’re still not sure how often you should be blogging.  These are general guidelines that I need to start following myself!

Do you have any more tips?  How often do you blog?


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