No two people have the same definition of happiness.  Charles M. Schulz’s famous “happiness is” sayings illustrate the flexibility and individuality of this broad term.  Simply put, happiness is the opposite of sadness.  Whatever emotions are unpleasant, happiness is the opposite.  But let us remember that happiness is only that–an emotion.  Joy is a state of eternal contentment, while happiness is fleeting and brought on by an event.  It is not a state of mind.

To each individual, happiness looks different.  To some it may be doing something they love, such as hiking or baking.  To some it might be enjoying something, such as an inside joke or a piece of music.  To some it might be the presence of friends or loved ones.  The broad term of happiness is all of this and more.

What does happiness mean to you?


(c) 2017 Tabitha Robinson


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