Honest Truth: Social Media Explained

by Tabitha Robinson, humble social media guru

I’ve had my blog for a couple years now, and my YouTube for a couple months now, and never once did I think of getting any other social media.  (What’s the plural of media?  Medii?  Sounds like a Roman city.  Let’s go with it.)  Recently a blogger who I look up to and stalk, Paige from “Currently, Lately,” posted about the importance of expanding one’s blog to other platforms.  I thought about it.  I made a spur-of-the-moment decision.  I got a Twitter.  {@gsusluvsu_}

I’d considered Instagram a couple years ago (back when it was cool), but never actually gotten it.  Now here I was tweeting, much to the consternation of several homeschool moms.  (Just to clarify, my own mom is cool with it.)  (Like if you know what I mean by “homeschool moms.”)  Anyway, another moment happened a few days ago, and again, on that moment’s spur, I downloaded Instagram.  {gsus_luvs_u}

I drew this, thank you very much

Now that I’m Tabitha Robinson, humble social media guru, I’ll explain to you the differences between WordPress, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.  For some reason I have a deep dislike for Snapchat.  And I refuse to be an old person and get Facebook.

  • WordPress: A site for blogs.  Can be serious, artsy websites or kooky personal blogs. Very versatile.  The community is great.  No trolls.  Lots of intellectuals.  Photography blogs are popular.  Don’t expect to get a lot of likes, though.  I still have only 61 followers.  (Ahem.)
  • YouTube: A site for videos.  Literally everyone has heard of it/is on it at this very moment.  If you’re really good you can make money from it.  The community is full of trolls and spam and amateur YouTubers begging for subscribers.  There are some genuinely cool people on YouTube, but they’re hard to find.  Pretty much no one is going to watch your videos at first.  Beauty gurus and vloggers are popular.  So are people who cuss a lot.
  • Twitter: A place for people to hate on celebrities in 140 characters or less.  You don’t get a Twitter to catch up on your friends; you get it to catch up on celebs.  Unless you get noticed by a celeb, no one is going to like or retweet your stuff.  The community is pretty even–1/3 trolls, 1/3 cool people (including celebs), and 1/3 funny people.  And 1/3 Donald Trump.  And 1/3 I can’t do math.
  • Instagram: A site that was cool two years ago.  Now it’s like an email address–essential.  If you want to post artsy pictures, selfies, and Monday motivation, Insta is right for you.  It’s best for keeping in touch with old friends over the summer.  It’s very follower-driven.  The more people who follow you, the more you’re worth as a human being.  Lots of photographers and artists.  It’s an acceptable social media for Christian girls because the community is great and usually pretty clean.  #JesusIsMyBoyfriend

That’s all I have for you guys today.  I really hope you liked it (and understood my subtle sarcasm).  Don’t forget to follow my social medias, below.  Love you!  Shalom y’all!!

YouTube: gsus luvs u

Twitter: @gsusluvsu_

Instagram: gsus_luvs_u


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