6 (or more) Things that Annoy me About GIFs

Unfortunately, unless I’m willing to pay for a premium subscription, WordPress won’t let me put GIFs in this post to illustrate my point.  That’s okay, though.

1.How do you say it?

Is it JIF like the peanut butter, or GIF like a T-less gift?  Nerds worldwide have debated this for a long time.  I Googled it, and the inventor of the GIF apparently declared it should be pronounced like JIF.  Sorry, Jif.

2. Why aren’t they at normal speed?

You know how GIFs are kind of in stop-motion slow-motion not-quite-normal-motion?  Why?

3. Why is there no sound?

We are so technologically advanced, you’d think we could take a picture, make it into a video, and then give it sound.  But noooo.  Instead we have to put little captions at the bottom because GIFs have no sound!  This is not the 1920s.  Geez.

4. What does it stand for?

I Googled it.  GIF stands for “graphic interchange format.”  That clears everything up.  Makes so much sense now.

5. Why can’t we just use videos or pictures?

GIFs are kind of like a combination of a video and picture.  We could use one or the other, but no.  Let’s use this soundless moving picture.  Let’s call it a GIF.

6. Who invented them?

I Googled it.  Steve Wilhite.  But why did he think it would be a good idea???  He’s like, “Man, we have pictures, and we have videos, but you know what, I’m gonna make a video that has no sound and terrible quality and Imma call it a GIF.”


This is Steve Wilhite, inventor of the GIF.

7. Why do they have to repeat?

I mean, I kind of understand–they loop so you can be sure to see it.  A million times.  And get the image burned on your eyeballs.  But it’s kind of annoying.

7.5. Speaking of which, why don’t they have a pause button so I don’t have to watch the thing over and over?  I’m just trying to read this Buzzfeed article.  Geez.


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