After painting your nails, how long does it usually take for them to dry? Like, forever, right? Well wait no more. Now you can dry your nails in just a couple of seconds. And all you need is Pam cooking spray.

  1. Paint your nails.
  2. Holding your hand over a kitchen sink/outside/somewhere you don’t mind if it gets messy, grab the Pam spray.
  3. Spray each of your nails, liberally.
  4. Wait about ten/fifteen seconds before excitedly touching your nails.
  5. Wash the spray off your hands.
  6. Voila! Your nails are dry. (Albeit a bit greasy.)

Any cooking spray works, but I used Pam.

Special thanks to Grace for suggesting this!! It’s a great tip.

Comment and tell me how it went if you tried this tip.


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