How to make your nails dry fast

After painting your nails, how long does it usually take for them to dry? Like, forever, right? Well wait no more. Now you can dry your nails in just a couple of seconds. And all you need is Pam cooking spray.

  1. Paint your nails.
  2. Holding your hand over a kitchen sink/outside/somewhere you don’t mind if it gets messy, grab the Pam spray.
  3. Spray each of your nails, liberally.
  4. Wait about ten/fifteen seconds before excitedly touching your nails.
  5. Wash the spray off your hands.
  6. Voila! Your nails are dry. (Albeit a bit greasy.)

Any cooking spray works, but I used Pam.

Special thanks to Grace for suggesting this!! It’s a great tip.

Comment and tell me how it went if you tried this tip.


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