I Dyed My Hair Blue + Hair Dying Tips

I’ve been wanting to dye blue streaks in my hair for approximately a year.

It’s kind of weird, and random, but I’ve always thought my hair color (blond/brown/red/weird) was boring.  I wanted to see what it would look like if it had streaks of an unnatural color.

Sooooo I asked nicely and obtained the necessary permission from the parental figures.  My friend who’s dyed her hair often gave me advice.

“Use Splat brand,” she said.

This isn’t a commercial by any means.  I’m not sponsored by Splat (please sponsor me).  I’m just giving you the honest truth.  I got the dye at Wal-mart for about $12.

On a boring Saturday when I had no homework and nothing urgent to do, I draped an old towel around my shoulders and entered the bathroom, hair dye in hand.  My little sister helped me with the whole thing.  If it weren’t for her, I would look like a Smurf.  (Happy now, Abigail?)

That was a week ago.  Since then, I’ve picked up on a few tips I guess you might like to know.  I dunno.  You might not.

  1. When the instructions say to rinse your hair till the water runs clear, they are not messing around.  If you don’t want your fabulous hair color to bleed all over everything, rinse your hair in cool water (to help the dye set) until the water is the color of water.  (clear)
  2. You’re going to get compliments.  Waitresses at restaurants with nose rings and black lipstick are going to pay attention to your hair, and you will have to learn to take compliments.  And someone will hate it.  Probably one of your relatives.
  3. You’re going to play with your hair a lot.  And admire it.  Because it’s gorgeous.
  4. Your friends are all going to have a different reaction.  (I AM MAKING A VIDEO ABOUT THIS BTW.  IT’S NOT UP YET BUT IT WILL BE VERY SOON ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL.)
  5. When the instructions say to make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit the sack, they’re not messing around.  I usually take showers at night, and since my hair is ultra-ultra-super-thick, it takes literally three to four hours to dry completely.  I’m used to going to bed with damp hair.  So in order to ensure that my wet hair doesn’t bleed onto my pillowcase, I’ve started blow-drying it.  Now it only takes about an hour to dry completely.  God bless.
  6. When the instructions suggest to put Vaseline on your face, neck and ears, IT IS NOT A SUGGESTION.  IT IS THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT.  PUT VASELINE ON YOUR FACE, NECK AND EARS.  Because if you’re messy like me, you’re going to get dye on your ear.  And the only way that sucker is coming off, is if you had the foresight to Vas yourself.  (I got that phrase from a Good Mythical Morning episode.  I don’t remember which one.)
  7. If for some reason you manage to get dye on your fingers (or arm, or skin in general where there’s no vaseline), put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and scrub.  It really works.
  8. You will need someone to help you.  I recommend a friend or sister.  I used my sister.
  9. Wrapping the dyed sections in cling wrap is recommended, but I didn’t do it because I couldn’t get it to stay around my hair.  And my hair obviously turned out fine.

Have you dyed your hair?  Let me know how it went.  Do you have any tips?  I would love love love to hear them.  Leave me a comment!!  😀

Have you heard?  My YouTube channel is in existence.  It’s a thing.  It’s a cool thing.  You need to check it out.  I have several videos, and I’m working on one about my hair dye, but here’s a little taste of what I make.

The End.


2 thoughts on “I Dyed My Hair Blue + Hair Dying Tips

  1. I love it. Cannot wait to see it on youtube. I dyed my hair once when I was younger and it turned orange, It is funny now but was not funny then. My mom, bless her, helped me to fix it.

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