Photo Series: Colonial Williamsburg #2

Last week I kicked off this short photo series with Photo Series: Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas.  This is the second post in the series.

img_4984This is the Governor’s Palace, an absolutely beautiful mansion where the governor lived.

img_5018The capitol building.

img_5032This is the courthouse.  Beside it are the stocks and pillory, two wooden devices which restrain prisoners by their ankles and wrists, respectively.  Now there are stocks and pillory available as a photo op for tourists.


img_4999img_5003img_5009img_5021The town was spruced up for Christmas.  Williamsburg’s wreaths are beautiful and handmade from natural materials–often the materials are from the store the wreaths hang on, like the second photo.  That wreath hung over the door of the Prentis Store, which sells whimsical toys and colonial replica stuff.  And lots of really good-smelling soap.

img_5001Speaking of the Prentis Store…

img_5026This is the view from inside the Prentis’s huge shop window.  Here you can see replica china, lanterns, and glasswork.

That’s all for today.  Next week I believe I’ll wrap the series up.  Comment and let me know if you want another photo series, and I’ll see what I can do.  Or not.  It’s up to you.

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