Photo Series: Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas

The other day we took a day trip to Williamsburg, VA to walk around and look at the Christmas decorations.  It was freezing, but I managed to get enough pictures for a few  blog posts.  I think I’ll do three posts in this series.  Enjoy!


Here we have an alleyway.  It’s pretty.  I may as well say now, that the lighting was terrible that day due to the cloud cover.  So the pictures didn’t turn out as well as they could have.


Here is the door of the famous Bruton Parish Church.


And this is Bruton Parish church itself.


The street sign for Palace Green and Duke of Gloucester–the “main streets” of Williamsburg.


And the colonial flag.


I’ll just start off with that.  No video version of this post because I’m super busy and I have a sore throat.  Thank you for your sympathy.  I WILL tell you that my sister and I are working on some skits and comedy songs.


PS I’m listening to a comedian/ventriloquist named Taylor Mason while I write this.  You should too.  He’s really funny.



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