Book Review: The Brenwyd Legacy by Rosemary Groux

Back Cover of Book One, Brenwyd Legacy: Finding Truth

Brenwyd Legacy is an epic trilogy about the unseen battle between good and evil.  The story begins in the first book, Finding Truth.

Cassie Pennington’s life takes a turn for the adventurous when she discovers that she is descended from the Brenwyds, an ancient group of people who are as much in danger as they are gifted.

Hiding her pointed ears and special talents, however, doesn’t keep Cassie out of trouble for long.  When a mysterious organization kidnaps her parents, she wonders: Is it because of her dad’s groundbreaking research about King Arthur’s treasure, or do enemies of the Brenwyds seek to thwart the destiny of Cassie herself?  With the help of her animals, her two best friends, and a suspicious new acquaintance named William, Cassie sets out on a quest to rescue her parents and find the truth.

Back Cover of Book Two, Brenwyd Legacy: Finding Secrets

Brenwyd Legacy is an epic trilogy about the unseen battle between good and evil.  The adventure continues in the second book, Finding Secrets.

After escaping from the evil “Brotherhood,” Cassie and her friends journey to Glastonbury, where they meet a mysterious woman who holds the key to their past–and their future.

Suddenly thrust through a musical “time slip,” the teens find themselves in a kingdom ruled by none other than the legendary King Arthur.  Before they can return and finish the rescue mission they began in their own era, the four friends discover that they have a  vital role to play in this one.  To preserve the legacy of a kingdom that has fascinated imaginations for centuries, they must first uncover several secrets and fight for their lives.  Caught in a race against time, will Cassie and her friends be able to find answers to their questions in time to save the kingdom… and themselves?

Rosemary Groux is an author local to my home state of Virginia.  I was at a Young Christian Authors (YCA) convention a couple years ago and Rosemary Groux was doing a Q & A about her trilogy, The Brenwyd Legacy.  I will admit, I somewhat dismissed the books (though I’d never read them).  I knew they were self-published, and I usually connect self-publishing with writers who aren’t as talented.

Just this past fall, my friend gave me the first two books in the trilogy for my birthday.  (Hi Camille!)

“Well, now I’ll have to read them,” I thought, cracking open the first one with mild curiosity.  The covers were intricately illustrated, which is usually a good sign.

I was somewhat impressed by the first couple chapters.  Ms. Groux’s grasp of story and characterization was pretty good.  The story moved a little quickly at first, but my self-publishing stereotype was beginning to wither.

When the character William appeared, I began to find myself sinking deeper into the story.  I was trying to decide whether Ms. Groux was better at storylines or character development, and William’s appearance decided it for me.


The story was deep.  I subconsciously began rooting for these characters like I hadn’t done in a long time.  William’s development and inner conflict cinched it.  This book quickly became one of my new favorites.

I eagerly devoured the second one.  It was steeped in Arthurian lore and Celtic traditions.  It was different from the first, both in setting and story; but again, it was excellent.  Ms. Groux proved herself to be a master of time-travel writing too.

I don’t have the third and final book, but I’m going to try to get it.  If you’d like to see a review for that one too, leave a comment.  Or, you know what, if you don’t feel like typing out words, just like this post.  Thanks!

You can buy the books here, on Amazon.


P.S.  Have you heard the news?  I started a YouTube channel.  The video version of this post can be found there.


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