BIG BIG BIG NEWS! *Not Clickbait*

I already have a post entitled “Big Big News,” but I added an extra “big” for this one. Because

IT’S BIG BIG NEWS!  *Not clickbait*.



Now you can go and watch video versions of my posts (which will probably be more entertaining than the written version, to be honest).  I will also have some comedy bits, acoustic song covers, and more.

I have kept this channel a total surprise so far.  You are the first to know.

*Starting to sound like clickbait*

Anyway, here’s the link.  I have already uploaded the video version of THIS VERY POST (kind of) so go on over and check it out.

And you know what to do–the big 3–


THANK YOU EVERYBODY!  I’m so excited!  Go and check it out as soon as you can!  😀

P.S. (there’s always one of those, isn’t there?) Thank you for helping me make it to 51 followers everyone!  Let’s see if we can get 50 more!  *Starting to sound like a YouTuber…*



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