Set in Victorian London during the golden age of Sherlock Holme’s mystery-solving prowess, this YA book finally offers a teenage female equivalent to Sherlock’s brains.

His niece.

Miss Holmes and a teenage female vampire hunter (from the legendary Stoker family) are hired to work together and solve a mystery involving the British Museum.  The mystery turns into a study of Egyptology and an underground cult led by one of the most beautifully myserious characters I’ve ever encountered–the Ankh.  Colleen Gleason adds another twist with one of my favorite storylines ever, period:

A young man shows up (this is YA–we can’t not have a young man showing up) in a dark corner of the museum.  With deductions and refreshingly few seductions, Miss Holmes finds the dude’s origin.  He has traveled from the future, complete with iPhone.  Now, let me stop and say: I LOVE IT when time travel stories are told from the perspective of the historical character.  Especially if she’s the niece of Sherlock Holmes.  And busy solving another mystery at the same time.  I have always wondered, as I’ve read time travel, “What must the historical characters be feeling as they meet this futuristic person?”  Finally, another author who’s wondered the same thing.

Now I’ll warn you, this is a series and I’ve only read the first book.  But if the rest of the books are like the first one, we’ll be good.

Leave me a comment asking me to do a book review on a book you’ve been eyeing for a while.  That would make my day.  Any suggestions or additions to this post?  That’s right.  Leave a comment.  I’d love to chat.


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