Southern Post Series Recap


For the past several weeks, you’ve been enjoying a photo series on the south.  All the pictures were taken at either my grandparents’ house (referred to as Nana’s house) or their neighbors’ next-door farmhouse.  Their neighbors are my grandfather’s cousin and her husband…I know, it’s confusing…and they’ve lived in the family farmhouse for years now.

Posts in this series, in chronological order:

  1. Yard and Garden (taken at Nana’s house)
  2. Around the House (Nana’s house)
  3. Flowers! (from Nana’s yard and the farmhouse)
  4. The Farmhouse (cousins’ house)
  5. Animals (that belong to our cousins)

I put up one slideshow in Projects.  To view it, go to the home page, scroll down, and click Southern Photos.

I’m going to also assemble a slideshow here, for your viewing pleasure.  This incorporates EVERY SINGLE PICTURE from the Southern Post Series.  Obviously there is a story behind every picture, and to read those stories view the original posts (search “southern” and click on the corresponding post).

Here goes!  Keep in mind that the slideshow may take a little while to load.  Just be patient.  If it doesn’t come up and you’ve been waiting for several minutes, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you enjoyed this series?  It’s the first photo series I’ve ever done, so let me know what you thought and whether or not you’d like to see another series in the future!


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