Heads up!  This is the next to last post in the Southern Post Series.  If you missed the others, type “southern” into the search bar or go to the project Southern Photos on the front page.

This post features the horse, chickens, and barn from my cousins’ family farmhouse.  The house itself was featured in the last post, “The Farmhouse.”  (You can also meet Maisie, the loyal guard dog.)  I didn’t share the house’s history in the last post (which was, in hindsight, a mistake…), so I will give you the brief history here.  The Stone family house was built in 1923 by Reverend Charles W. Stone, a circuit-riding Baptist preacher.

His granddaughter and her husband now live there.  (They’re my grandfather’s cousins.)  They have downsized a little and added onto the house, but the original “farmscape” is mostly intact.

Okay, now I’ve got that off my chest.  Let’s get to the pictures.

Caution: critter crossing!


Meet Casper, the stocky little horse.    He is a very sociable critter.  As soon as I walked over to take his picture, he trotted to the fence and begged for food.  I gave him a pat and some grass.  In the first picture, the classy red barn is behind Casper.


I don’t know the history on the bell.  I like to think it was a dinner bell, but I’m not sure.  If you have any info on it, leave a comment.  🙂

I tried to get a picture of the sassy goat, who was in the same pasture as Casper, but every time I held up the camera, that critter turned around and showed me his behind.  Obviously, that was not what I was going for.  So the goat shall remain anonymous.

Let’s move on the chickens.  It sounds really weird if you’ve never heard chickens and/or lived in the south, but those little warbling noises they make is the most soothing sound I’ve ever heard.  They’re probably saying stuff like, “Food?  Food.  Food?  Food.”  But their language is beautiful.  😀

Welcome to the coop, y’all!


Here is the hen house.  The hen refused to get out of the picture.img_4479

The proud, puffy rooster, showing off his feathers.  The picture really doesn’t do justice to his amazing colors.  Every once in a while I would move too quickly and he would COCKADOODLEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in my face.img_4477

Now this little beauty took a liking to my younger sister.  She (my sister, not the hen) plucked tall blades of grass and stuck them through the fence.  The hen pecked at it vigorously.  I think she (the hen, not my sister) liked the attention.img_4482

I know I’ve already shared this picture of Maisie, but she was too cute not to post again.  Here she is standing on the side porch (see the last post) sticking her tongue out at me.



That was the last post with all-new pictures.  Next time I’m going to put up a recap.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put up a slideshow of all the pictures I’ve featured.  If that doesn’t work on your computer let me know and I’ll put them up in a gallery.

Y’all have a good week!

PS I almost forgot!  I have a funny story to tell you.  So I was hanging out with my neighbor and friend Grace, and we were up in my room.  She was trying on a couple of my bracelets.  She came across one with a clasp which she was struggling to open.

“You might could just slip it on,” I suggested.

She looked at me like I had three heads.  (By the way, I only have two.)  “Might could?” she repeated.


“I’ve never heard anyone say ‘might could.’  That is so cool.  I am so gonna use that.”

I blinked.  Yankees.  Whatcha gonna do?

“Have you really never heard anyone say ‘might could’?”

“No.  Never.”

I didn’t believe her.  “How long have you lived here?”

“Long time.”

We’re being infiltrated by Yankees.  Polite, friendly Yankees.  Who have never used good English.

It might could be a problem.




  1. Tabitha,
    Bill and i LOVE the photos of the animals! Thank you so much. You have done a superb job. Yes, you “might could” do a slide show, but that’s extra work for you. We can easily look at the entire blog…..and I’m going to share it with others.
    Cute story of your friend. Those northerners just don’t speak our language. 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hope everyone you share it with enjoys just as much as you all did. Making a slideshow is very simple on WordPress. All you have to do is select the pictures and click “prepare.” 🙂


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