The Farmhouse

What image do you think of when you hear the word “farmhouse?”  For me, it’s a big white house with a huge front porch and a shade tree in the yard.  Rocking chairs and potted plants grace the porch, while the loyal dog pants in the yard.

That classic family farmhouse is exactly what you’ll find next to my grandparents’ home in Smalltown, Virginia.  Cousins Bill and Connie own the old family home.  Here it is.


And here are three lovely welcome signs.


img_4437img_4467*NOTE: I kept the images in this post at almost full-size just so you can experience the full farmhousyness of them.

(I KNOW that’s not a word.  But it should be.)*

“But where is the loyal dog?” you ask.

I am glad you asked.  Enter Maisie, affectionately known as Mitsie (or Muttsie).  She is old and graceful and has been known to do tricks for a Milk-bone.  Here she is on the side porch, sticking her tongue out at me.


She and my grandfather have an interesting relationship.  Before leaving the house for a visit with Maisie, Granddaddy always grabs a couple treats with which to tempt the poor dog.  As soon as she sees Granddaddy, she knows he is the treat guy.  She jumps on him, licks his hand, rolls over, and stands on her hind paws and claws the air.

It’s amazing what that dog will do for a treat.

After she gets her treat and gnaws on it in the grass, she becomes the most docile, friendly little creature you’ve ever met.  She followed me around as I snapped pictures from the exquisite gardens.

I took this picture from one of the gardens looking back at the side porch.  Southern Living-worthy, don’t you think?


I mentioned earlier how every good farmhouse has a porch, preferably more than one.  This is the side porch, graced with rocking chairs and potted plants.  (The cat isn’t real; it’s a statue.  But doesn’t it look real?!)

This is the view from the side porch, looking out onto the yard.  The line of evergreens separates the farmhouse from my grandparents’ house.

img_4453This first lovely photo has overhanging crepe myrtle branches in the foreground.  In the background you can see a beautiful gazebo, which is also in the second picture.  The third shows the gazebo from behind a couple bushes.img_4444img_4374img_4449

All right, I will leave you with this lovely picture of Maisie guarding her home.  Hope you enjoyed this post and the others in the series.  If you did, let me know!  Comment, like, share, and follow!


Next week’s post: ANIMALS!  Don’t miss it!



  1. This is wonderful! God has given you a special gift with words, and with the camera. Thank you Tabitha, for featuring the Stone home place in this delightful way. Maisie loved your visit and looks forward to seeing you again (with treats, of course.) Love and God bless, Connie

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