This is the third post in my southern roots series. ย For the previous posts, I have taken you around my grandparents’ yard and garden and showed you some artifacts from their home. ย Now we’re moving on to next door, where my grandfather’s cousin lives in the family farmhouse. ย In future posts we’ll be seeing the critters, including Maisie, the dog. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

This post, however, is about flowers! ย Their yard is bursting with colors in full bloom. ย This arch with the climbing flowers is one of my favorites.


These rose bushes made for a whimsical picture paired with the garden flag in the background. ย It almost looks as if the cat is pawing at a leaf!


I’m not sure what kind of flower this is, but it was on a huge bush by the red barn and the sunlight was hitting it so beautifully that I just had to snap a picture.


This is not a flower. ย It is a tree. ย But it is so huge, and had such a cute swing hanging from it, I thought it should be shared.



This picture, again featuring the huge old tree in the foreground, is the one I would put on the cover of Southern Living if it were up to me.


This is a close-up of the arch we saw earlier. ย You can see the chickens in the background.img_4343

A great example of how a planter can brighten up a backyard.


I have so many more flower pictures, and they’re all pretty self-explanatory, so I put them into this collage. ย Enjoy!

Thank you for reading and enjoying! ย Hopefully these pictures have pulled you closer to your southern roots, or a least made you wish you had southern roots. ย If you liked, be sure to click like; if you want more, be sure to click follow. ย If you want other people to read this post too, be sure to share! ย The next post will be The Farmhouse. ย Stay tuned!!


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