Start of a New Series! Yard & Garden

I spent a few days several weeks ago at my grandparents’ house in smalltown VA.  Until this last visit, I didn’t realize just how Southern Living-worthy their home is.  The house is full of odd knickknacks and historical artifacts that are a huge part of my childhood.  I spent many long hours fantasizing over the black-and-white pictures, spinning the broken spinning wheel, and playing with the butter churn.

In honor of my southern legacy, I’m starting a new photo series comprised of pictures taken at my grandparents’ house or at their cousins’ beautiful farmhouse.  It’s more of a tribute to the South in general, with flowers, cast-iron skillets, and…well, you’ll see.

This is the first post in the series.  I’ll just start you off with a few pictures…

IMG_4315        IMG_4318

We strung string beans on the back deck the first night of our visit.  I hate the way they feel on my skin (it’s almost like those stubborn beans have hooks that they’re trying to grab me with) but I love the taste once they’re cooked up with butter, so we went for it.  The first picture is the beans, straight from the garden, and the second is an artistic picture of a single bean.

While we’re on the subject of gardens, here’s a tomato that we just about picked.


Here are two of my grandmother’s prize hydrangeas.  You can’t tell in the picture but the bush is about as tall as me.  That thing’s been around longer than sliced bread.  Maybe longer than loaf bread.





Now, moving from the garden to the yard…here’s my mother and sister enjoying the shady backyard swing.  My grandparents’ backyard is nothing but grassy rolling hills, tame squirrels (they feed the little rascals), and old train tracks.  Every once in a while the house starts to shake and you hear a low roar.  That’s when we know the train is approaching.  I distinctly remember being a very small child and hearing the train go by.  I wanted to see it, so my grandfather held me up and I watched in fascination out the office window as it went roaring by.

During our last visit, the train went by again!  We ran out barefoot onto the back patio and felt the earth shake under our feet.


Thanks for reading!  Which was your favorite picture??  Do you have any rural roots?  Any at all?  Let me know!  Leave a comment.  I’ll reply and then we can have a good old-fashioned southern talk.


Next up in this series: interesting stuff from around the house!  Stay tuned for skillets, pencils and instruments!



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