Contest winner!! 

Hi guys! So sorry it’s been like two weeks since the contest, and I said I’d announce the winner in one week. My apologies. 😦

“What contest?” You’re asking. 

I announced a contest 15 days ago to name my crutches (I recently sprained my ankle). I got lots of cool ideas, and then like the good blogger I am I forgot about the contest entirely. 

Apologies aside, I’ve chosen first and second place winners. 

Second place goes to Glenda Robinson, for Jack and Jill (because I did kind of roll down a hill, and my ankle came tumbling after).

First place goes to Teacup Talk! They left several ideas (hoping to win first and second place? You never know with bloggers), my favorite of which was:

Right and Wrong (put Right on left side, and Wrong on right)

Thanks everyone! Leave a zillion comments on all my posts and like every page and post I’ve got. 



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