Oh what could have been…

My dad enjoys golfing. He picked it up a few years ago and now goes regularly, as often as possible. He consistently gets scores in the low 90s and breaking 90 is a rare and monumental  occasion. (If you don’t know golf, that’s really good–the pros usually hit in the 70s or 60s…but for an amateur 80s is very good!) 

A couple days ago Dad went to one of his favorite courses. After one of his most heartbreaking rounds he wrote this eloquent summary of the game. I share it here for its storytelling beauty.

Maybe the strangest golf outing I’ve ever had: went to Hobbs Hole today. Shot 40 on the front and had 8 pars through 13 holes. Honestly I thought I might shoot under 80. Then, I shot a 13 on a par 5. I hit two balls out of bounds from the tee box. Most people would have just played the ball out of bounds and gone on. My conscience wouldn’t let me, so I took all the penalty shots and butchered the hole. The very next hole I shot a 9 on a par 4. If you are counting, that is 13 over par in just 2 holes. I recovered and shot 2 more pars in the last three holes. I ended up with a 92 even though I shot a 13 & 9 on back to back holes. That is a really weird round. Golf is an extremely humbling game. I am excited about a 92, but how do you unexpectedly do that poorly on 2 holes. Oh, what might have been….

It may not look like much just reading it, but performing it aloud, monologue-style, is something else. I can see it becoming my new favorite warm-up before I go onstage to speak or act. 😝

Well, just wanted to share that poetic piece of prose with you. Have a fun week! And have fun with whatever golf rounds you attempt to play. 😝


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