In which I ramble about cats–part 2

I’d like to give a shoutout to my friend Lindsey. She loves cats. She has an ADORABLE little kitty named Khaki and she plans to have five more cats and name them all after different types of fabric. (I think next is Denim.)  I can truthfully say that she is my favorite crazy cat lady. 

What makes cats so attractive to some people? I know some wonderful people who very strongly dislike cats. They say that dogs are man’s best friend. 

“I’m not a man,” I always reply, and then smile prettily. That always seems to work. 

Cats. They are cute, fluffy, sleek, quiet, loud, angry, triumphant, sly, loving, and ferocious. Some cats will jump up on your lap and love you; others will swipe you with their claws at every opportunity. They’re so unpredictable, so very full of surprises. (I guess that’s putting it nicely.) 

Well, while we’re at it, I’d better mention some of the other cats I know. Mocha, who I’ve had the opportunity to cat-sit before, seems to like me. But her owner will disagree. (The funny thing is, my friend Rebecca has a puppy named Mocha.) Mocha likes to dig holes in the yard, kill things, and meow at me. She manages to live with a big friendly dog named Pearl. 

Rebecca has two cats too. I feel awful for not remembering their names, but one is gray and one is white and brownish. The gray one is SUPER friendly and enjoys meowing at me, swiping my ankles, and killing small mammals. It peacefully coexists with a big dog named Blitz, a little puppy named Mocha, and another cat.

Lindsey’s cat, Khaki, gets points for being cute. It’s a light peachy-tan color with splashes of white and it enjoys napping and laying on people’s laptops and homework. 

Last but not least my grumpy pussycat, Little Lady, gray with brown and white, black whiskers, dainty little paws, who enjoys sleeping, eating, and meowing at me. 

Leave me a comment about your cat(s) please!!! Don’t forget to like and comment and share and follow and purr and rub your cat!


6 thoughts on “In which I ramble about cats–part 2

  1. That’s what I LOVE about cats. The fact that they are soooo unpridictable makes them more lovable. Dogs, well…they are either really nice or really mean. Cats on the other hand, can be both. One minute they are all lovey-dovey with you, and the next minute you have to rescue your hand away from them clawing, biting and shredding it. But ohh, they’ve got the most amazing personalities:)

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