Book review: Blackbird by Anna Carey

Blackbird by Anna Carey (author of the Eve Trilogy) is a teen fiction with some truly wonderful writing. The general storyline is classic–the main character wakes up on train tracks without any memory of who she is or how she got there. All she has is a backpack with a notebook, change of clothes, and a couple of other seemingly random objects. But the thing that sets this story apart is its POV (point of view). It is written in second person. You know–instead of she or my, the story is written from YOUR perspective. YOU wake up on the train tracks with no memory of who YOU are. I’ve read lots of reviews where people complain about this. They say it’s hard to understand or takes some getting used to. It may take a little bit of getting used to. But in my opinion, it only serves to make the story more real and personal. You start to wonder what YOU would do in this situation. You start to picture YOURSELF in this story. It’s truly great writing. 

For Christian teens who try to be conscious of what they read: there is some language but not near as bad as some teen books. 

To writers, read it as an example that you can use crazy techniques (in this case, second person) and get away with it! It’s a really cool book!!

The sequel, Deadfall, came out in June (according to a friend of mine). I cannot wait to read it!

Special thanks to my friend who recommended the book to me 😊 Now I recommend it to you! Enjoy!


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