Set free

In churches today, you hear a lot of that phrase “set free.” True, we have been set free from our old sin or whatever we were slaves to. You hear a lot of songs about that, and it’s a very popular topic for conferences.  But we are always slaves to something or another. So if we’re no longer slaves to our old sin and old habits…what are we slaves to now?

The correct answer should be Jesus. But now we hear more about being set free than becoming slaves to the Master. We hear about breaking our chains but not about submitting to God. We don’t talk about becoming a slave of Christ. That was like Paul’s catchphrase–“We’re slaves for Christ!” Quite often it seems that we ignore that crucial step in our lives and focus more on becoming free than becoming a slave. There’s nothing wrong with breaking free from old ways.  That’s a very important part of putting on the new and beginning your new life. But equally important is what you do next–choosing your new master. The Master, hopefully.

So are we free, or are we slaves? Both–free from old sin but slave to Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Set free

  1. This is so true and it’s something I really need to hear. I think that this is something that lots of people need to focus on and realize where their loyalty lies. They need to remember that even though have been saved from sin the still serve God.

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