Writing Tip

This one’s for my fellow writers! πŸ˜›

Do you sometimes feel like your characters need a dose of reality?Β  Like they just don’t react realistically, like real people would?

Here’s my tip.

Base some your main characters on people you know!Β  (Just don’t make it tooooo obvious.)Β  Then you can think to yourself, “How would so-and-so react to this?” and proceed accordingly.Β  Now, this doesn’t always work.Β  Sometimes you just don’t know the person well enough, or maybe you’re alreadyΒ an expert writer and character developer.

But sometimes, this works well.Β  In one book I wrote, I based a supporting character on one of my friends.Β  I changed her country of origin, some of her characteristics, and her name (always change the name!), but in most instances my character was eerily similar to my friend.Β  When my friend read the book, she loved it!Β  She thought it was the coolest thing having her own character.Β  Since then I’ve gotten permission from other people I know to do the same, and they like being book characters too.

(It is good to get permission from this person, especially if you base your character on them almost completely.)

Also, you know those really, really strange people you know or come in contact with?Β  They make great characters.Β  Characters who have strange obsessions and very strong personalities are usually the favorites of readers.Β  (Usually.)

I hope this helps.Β  If it made any sense at all or helped anyone at all I’ll feel great (and let me know by leaving a comment or liking!)

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Writing Tip

  1. I am so happy to have read your post, it was such an amazing read, one which I enjoyed very much! I have had time to check out your blog and I have to say I loved it! So keep writing so I can keep looking forward to reading your work! (:

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