Book Review: Noble Girlhood

Noble Girlhood: Becoming a Daughter of Victory and Virtue by Tiffany M. Schlichter is definitely a book that I would recommend!  The book is 229 pages and paperback.  The author is a homeschooled young lady from Texas who aims to encourage girls in the Lord.  Topics in the book include becoming daughters of victory, devotion, wisdom, beauty, and much more.  Each chapter is packed full of Scripture and also features suggested resources, extra thoughts (articles published in Ms. Schlichter’s small magazine Virtuous Daughters) and an application.  Recommended ages: 10 and up (although you will get encouragement from it at any age!).  To order the book you can go to  Several other sites have the book but they’re not as well-known as Amazon.

Hope you can find the book and enjoy it!  Happy reading! 🙂

Who am I?  Why am I here?  Will God ever be able to use my life for any profitable reason, or will I spend it aimlessly, never exercising my full potential?  These are questions every girl faces, and the world offers foolish suggestions.  It is my prayer that in this book you are encouraged to draw from Scriptures the answers to these mysteries.    —Tiffany Schlichter


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